Men of the Earth:

We know that only a small minority vaguely senses the possibility that beings similar to you and from other stars in this Galaxy will be secretly among you..

We know that only a negligible fraction of these people scattered throughout this planet, know our identity as human beings from UMMO, and that by all logic the highest percentage of this sector maintains cautious reserve, doubting the reality of our origin.

It has brought to you nothing more than the interest of analyzing your civilization and the geological characteristics of what we call OOYAGAA (EARTH PLANET) terrestrial biological structures and the psychology of society..

In the Year Terrestrial 1950 (March) we arrived at this OOYAA (COLD STAR). About two years earlier we picked up a weak signal at frequency 413.44 megacycles that we can't decode. It had been issued around 1934.

We have identified the radio signal as emitted from a Norwegian vessel at the height of Newfoundland in experiences developed by scientists of this nationality aimed at the use of high frequencies in long-distance communications by ionospheric reflection. The signal was issued between February 5 and 7, 1934)


This date is therefore historical in TIERRA-UMMO relations. You will be amazed to learn that the duration of the radiogram fraction captured was about 6.8 minutes that were sufficient to identify on galactic coordinates, the position of the solar system, our technicians, who then baptized the star from which came that signal with the name OFGAA (SQUARE) since the graph obtained with the signal recalled the analytical equation that expresses the area of this geometric figure.

Only when we reached you were we able to verify that the name OOYAGAA (COLD STAR of "SQUARE") was falsely evocative since the nature of the message was not accurately mathematical..



On January 7, 1949, after the exploration of the Neptune And Mars Planets, our brothers displaced in two (SPACESHIPS) arrived in the vicinity of a new OOYAGAA with a much denser atmosphere than that recorded in the previous star.

Already during the exploration of Neptune, a wide range of radio emissions had been received from Earth, which allowed our brothers to identify this planet. The presence of higher life in him was therefore evident.


No other source of emission was identified, so it was reasonably inferred that the rest of the (COLD STARS) gravitationally linked to the OOYIA (called by you SUN) lacked intelligent biological forms or at least equipped with developed techniques. This last reasoning led explorers to address an OOYAA to which they coded with the name (MARS).


In that first review, it revealed the absence of an atmosphere dense enough to allow the external development of complex pluricellular beings.

The footprints of multiple meteorite impacts and the crystalline structure of the soil checked by our remote probing instruments revealed the absence of an active bacteriological life producing decomposition of that soil, at least in the small areas explored. (Subsequently we have discovered in this OYAA not only protein forms and amino acids, but single-celled and pluricellular simple plant beings. (It won't take you to check it too.)


The cloudy clusters abundant at that date in the American and South Asian continent, did not prevent, of course, from observing of the thick communications network (identified later as tracks and railways even though a previous error seemed to identify them as tubular pipelines). This allowed us to assess in a first estimate of the degree of technical civilization of you, (we do not have a network of roads long ago).


Your first aircraft was detected in the vicinity of an archipelago that we have later identified as the Bahamas. The image was enlarged in the on-board laboratory, and its morphological characteristics were analyzed. This was the first-time indicative of the technological level we were able to obtain.


During the minutes that the analysis lasted it came to descend over an area subsequently identified as the southwest of the Helvetic Republic (SWITZERLAND), images of urban and industrial nuclei were captured, as well as points of convergence of railways, concentrations of flora forests and plantations, floating structures on the Atlantic Ocean and fragments of river currents, as well as multiple samples of atmospheric gas at different levels and latitudes. The policy to follow with you was carefully elaborated. Violent defense in case of attack. Initiation of official contacts in the event of being detected and controlled peacefully.

The preparation program immediately began. The people who would make up the first expedition were carefully selected. Among the six chosen, there were only two YIEE (this is what we call women). All of them learned long fragments of the different languages ​​captured (without knowing their meaning at all) just to familiarize the SUBCONSCIOUS with the phonic structure of the terrestrial acoustic expression codes.



The six OEMII (PEOPLE) that first departed for this planet were:

OEOEE 95 Son of OEOEE 91: Specialist in BAAYIODUIII (BIOLOGY) Then with 31 terrestrial years of age. Director of the expeditioners. Currently in the role of OGIIA (JEFE) coordinating from UMMO of the brothers displaced here.

UURIO 79 Son of IYIA 5: Expert in BIIEUIGUU (Human Psychobiology) Then with 18 terrestrial years of age. (Unique of that expedition that is still on this planet).

INOOO 33 Daughter of INOOO 29: Expert in OOLGAA GOO (Physics of the Structure of Matter) 18 years of age.

ODDIOA 1 child of ISAAO132: Specialized in AYUU WADDOSOOIA (Communications) 78-year-old terrestrial.

ADAA 66 son of ADAA 65: Technician at AYUYISAA (SOCIOLOGY) of 22 years of age. Our only brother who died on Earth. He died on 6 November 1957 in Yugoslavia, the victim of an accident. (His body could not recover).

UORII 19 Daughter of OBAA 7: Expert in Pathology of the Digestive System. 32 years old.


I still remember the images of the game that I myself saw on the hemispheric screen of my UULODASAABII (Semi-spherical room that in our SAABI or houses, serves us to contemplate images from a distance. It wouldn't be very accurate to compare it to terrestrial television teams).


Three OAUOOELEA UEUA OEMM (SHIPS in lenticular form for galactic travel) departed from our UMMO bound for OYAGAA (PLANET EARTH).



At 4 hours, 16 minutes and 42 seconds TMG, (GREENWICH Land Time), three of our OAWOOLEA UEWA OEMM (SPACESHIPS) "suddenly appeared" at a point located at the height of 7,338 kilometers above a place located about 13 km from the French city of DIGNE and 8 kilometers from the village of LA JAVIE (DEPARTMENT OF BASSES ALPES) not far from the border of the Cantonal and Federal Republic of SUIZA. It was March 28, 1950.


All three ships descended rapidly making landfall at 4 hours 17 minutes and three seconds TMG. The extendable feet of the naves barely sank into the rocky terrain of an alpine foothill, close to which we have later identified as the Peak of "CHEVAL BLANC" of 2322.95 meters above the middle maritime level, and the small river current of the "BLEONE".


For about 20 minutes, no one left our ships, awaiting an alleged attack, our teams polled within 800 meters the possible emission of infrared radiation from humans. A great cloudiness prevented at that time the direct view of the surroundings. Images obtained with wave range of 740 millimes of wavelength, nevertheless allowed to visualize the surroundings. Plants of strange morphology grew nearby.

The eroded morphology of the ground allowed to recognize some accidents accused such as the riverbed cited. Until the next morning, the nature of a group of deadly lights appearing at three defined points in the distance was not identified. As sure to say that there was no detectable trace of human beings in the vicinity, four of our brothers, non-expeditionaries of the thirty-six who composed the total endowment of the three ships, were lowered. They were equipped with protective equipment and defense devices. One of the UEWA remained suspended 30 centimeters from the ground to cover its withdrawal in the event of an attack.

In pairs, they devoted themselves for 10 minutes to exploring the surrounding area, continuously ratting the ground to detect likely underground sounds from human facilities in the Underground. Such precautions may seem naive to you, but for us then the hypothesis of underground habitability of terrestrial humans was not ruled out, let alone. However, it seemed desert. Some insects were collected from the ground and some species were plucked and taken to the ship where everyone could examine them with fuss. Unsurprisingly, the morphology of those small animals and plants differed from the species known in UMMO.


Shortly thereafter the six expeditioners came out accompanied by twenty crew members. Work was necessary to start work on an underground emergency construction, an open gallery in the subsoil length 4 meters, at depth of 8 meters, and ended with IGAAYUU (Modular extendable SHORTS of a very light Magnesium alloy).


The new day marked the expeditionaries a beautiful new spectacle. For the first time they came face to face with a new World, a new geological structure. The sky was more indigo than UMMO. Numerous stratocumulus erupted that day in the sky of the region.



On March 29, the work on the adaptation of the underground gallery was completed. It was necessary to accelerate the cooling of its walls to allow the storage of the material, terrestrial engineers may be surprised by this data regarding cooling, but it is that our excavation methods differ from the terrestrial ones. We proceed to the fusion at very high temperature, of the sands and limos rocks of the terrain, controlling the expansion of gases that are immediately transmuted into Nitrogen and Oxygen.


The shoring systems bear a certain resemblance to the terrestrial ones (In UMMO, for example, the shoring modules are built “on-site”). The silica and titanium of the rocks once melted is transmuted into Magnesium and Aluminum with which they go there. by building metal arches similar to the earthwork, we said that it was necessary to accelerate the work due to the restlessness that preyed on the expeditionaries.


In first place was ignored whether the isodynamic conditions of space would vary in the following UIW (UIW UMMO Time Unit) preventing the return in acceptable time conditions, from the rest of the Crew.

Second, the night before, the UEWA OEMMs (SPACESHIPS) had been moved to a nearby pine forest, but despite everything, the possibility that they were sighted by terrestrial inhabitants was feared. It was unwise to park them there so that at 11 a.m. morning on March 29th (French Time), the explorers and crew members held an emotional farewell We have images of that act. The hands of each one on the chest of his brother, as is our custom, closed the moment of departure; no one uttered a word.


The eyes said it all. 30 crew members boarded the ships. Soon these began the process in which the outer surface areas raise their temperature to incandescence, in this way the living germs are destroyed, achieving perfect sterilization, this measure is necessary, since both microorganisms and viruses can be inverted in their dimensions and would make space travel, reaching our planet.

The three UEWA rose to a height of about six kilometers. The explorers contemplated his apparent disappearance as the second OAWOOLEAIDAA occurred at that level for the return. That same day two of our brothers were ordered to carry out a first exploration at a certain distance from the Gallery, while the rest continued the work in it.

The day perhaps not far off when we officially present ourselves to the governmental organisms of this planet, we will make a donation of their facilities to the French Government, as a symbolic thanks of our Civilization to that of the Earthlings.


The first exploration of our brothers, carried out at sunset on March 29, at about 6 p.m., ADAA 66 son of ADAA 65 prowling the surroundings in the company of another brother, and as they plucked from here and there twigs and leaves of the unknown shrubs, to analyze them later, observed in the vicinity of two tall trees, some stones piled up and blackened.

Ashes scattered around guessed that they had been used for a campfire, but that wasn't the most interesting thing. At 1.8 ENMOO (1 ENMOO x 1.9 meters) located fragments of yellowish, flexible and brittle white sheet, wrinkled and full of obvious characters or signs written by humans. Three of them appeared stained by feces. Crowds of unknown flying animals (it may be known that they would be flies or flies) took flight. The discovery was judged so momentous that they immediately returned to the gallery.


The microscopic structure of those leaves was analyzed immediately, the texture was unknown to us, because in UMMO cellulose paste is not used for the manufacture of paper. Coded signs or types revealed that they had not been manuscripts but printed using standard molds.

The presence of feces was an enigma in principle. Analysis of the excrement revealed the presence of epithelial cells no doubt coming from human intestinal glands.

A list of probable hypotheses was made. The most sustained was to attribute a ritual character to it. Perhaps humans, when they disagreed with the ideas put forward in a written document, smeared it with feces. Among these assumptions was also argued what is now evident to all (Surely some shepherd used that famous newspaper for hygienic purposes).


But certainly, the least was the origin of those residues that stained the Newspaper or Newspaper (as we have known later it was) Those fragments are already historical for us. The Original from which a leaf and several fragments were missing, is preserved in UMMO as it was found preserved in a transparent gelatinous mass, and at a constant temperature of YIIEAGAA (It is called a technique unknown by you by which a biological structure, is preserved at low temperature but controlling the temperature gradients at each point, since areas or tissues of it would not withstand low temperatures without the freezing of the water causing the destruction of the water of the cell, while other points should be kept at another thermal level) This famous copy for us that constituted the first printed document that we manage to obtain corresponds to a number of the journal published in French language "LE FIGARO" Saturday, Sunday 25-26, March 1950. The strange characters left our brothers perplexed.

The most inciting and suggestive thing about that strange piece was the drawings and photographs. (We of course were unaware of the naive technique of Direct and Line Engraving).


On the 30th two of our brothers spotted vertebrate animals with pointed protrusions protruding from the skull. In total they counted eight. They would be located at a distance of 350 terrestrial meters. Appropriate orders were given to approach with defense equipment. Our brothers were covered with EEWEEGOO. Its external appearance is that of a classic very tight terrestrial monkey. It is the only dress we use when we work in close contact with Nature.

Its color varies depending on certain working circumstances. In general, a color code is often used when such equipment is used on our Planet. However, our UMMO brothers displaced by those dates adopted a brown color for efficient camouflage effects. We clarify these small details because it is surprising even at these dates for us the incident that we are going to tell you.

Our brothers set out on their way to the herd of animals we have indicated to them. It was simply cows and bigheads, but then such an animal not existing in UMMO was completely unknown to us. Only the evidence of udders made it possible to identify the sex of those beings. Before getting much closer, they began the usual sound and image recording operations and the process of detecting the electrostatic and gravitational fields emitted by these animals.


Suddenly he appeared behind a large rock nearby a human being certainly a teenager dressed in a strange way to our outfits. They did not look like their clothes to the images that had been recorded until then. The sex of the individual turned out to be masculine but at first it was impossible to identify him as such. It was an 11-year old boy watching his father's cattle, but we all knew this later as we'll clarify. The surprise and instant concern of our brothers was very high.

Without moving from their position, they requested instructions from the Head of our Underground Base by fingerprint code, so that the newcomer would not observe any movement of lips. The child carried in his hand a yellowish white substance (PAN) impregnated with a blackish product (surely it would be sausage or something), which ate peacefully without being undeterred by the presence of our three brothers who looked closely without looking too surprised. Little UUGEE addressed some of course unintelligible phrases. Then seeing that he got no answer he came even closer and putting his hand on his forehead looked at them more closely. It's funny to note the series of misunderstandings that happened.

Analyzing the adolescent's behavior (His name was Pierre) it was undoubted that the gesture of holding hands to his forehead was simply to protect himself from the sun, since our brothers were with their backs to the Astro, but they interpreted such a mimic as a greeting and repeated the greeting, which should have further surprised the UUGEE.

The French boy, seeing the passive attitude of our brothers, called his cows and retired greeting timidly. The explorers who, while the incident lasted, did not move from their posts following the instructions of our group leader, returned to the base gallery, deeply concerned. A situation study discussion was immediately initiated. The surprise was so great that images of the terrestrial child were not even recorded, which may have helped by analyzing gestures to interpret the earth's attitude.

The situation was judged so seriously that they seriously valued the desirability of contacting UMMO via telepathic means. More after all, it was necessary to recognize that situations such as that and more serious had been even foreseen before the arrival in OYAAGAA (PLANET EARTH). The degree of uncertainty of what could happen was so insoluble that it was chosen to decide the most appropriate defense and protection measures that could be carried out. The entrance to the gallery was closed and camouflaged, resolving not to leave until 1200 UIW had elapsed. The only contact with the outside was the air pumping devices, and the optical vision and recording devices of images, sounds and force fields.

March 31, 1950: On the 31st and after almost 467 UIW, from the serious incident we have narrated to them, without abnormal external signs being observed, both in the vicinity and in the village of La Javie (Only accessible in the optical field of observation equipment) saw the group of cows seen on the eve (9 specimens this time) and UGEE crossed at a distance of 377 ENMO. This time his image was captured with fidelity of movements, and extended all the details, both of his physiological morphology and of his attire. In the following five hundred UIW, images of other humans who crossed the Optical Field of Observation were captured, but at a greater distance than that of the route followed by the UGEE. It was two male adults.

Taking a retrospective look at those days, we have to admire what happened. The events have subsequently been deduced, following various talks with the people who intervened in the events. For example, it is unheard of that the child Pierre, who currently lives, was no stranger by our attire and ran to report us to his parents or the Authorities of Digna. This young man who has never known our true identity, even though our contacts with him (which we will continue to recount) were frequent, he confessed that he was not too much struck by the strange "tight clothes" of visitors. Two years earlier he had seen three German or Swiss surveyors taking action around, and the second experience did not surprise him too much.

He said he took us for what we were, "foreigners." Unmet childish curiosity led him to expect to meet again to satisfy her, and he dared not say anything to his father, rightly fearing that he would advise him not to approach strangers. Confess your disappointment at the view that the next day (DAY 31) the foreigners were no longer there. Remember that this date our expeditionary brothers did not dare to leave waiting for a possible reaction from the terrestrials. During the UIWs leading up to the next outing, it was agreed to make a print of AEEWWIEE (Grey Flexible and Elastic Substance) a few outfits that vaguely resembled the dresses of adults whose images had been captured on the 31st.

The buttons were imitated with an aluminum alloy, although the real function of the buttons was really unknown). The ties were made with paste of IGUUXOO (black) all of a piece, because the knot and the band seen in the image allowed to appreciate only its exterior topological character. As from the pocket of one of the subjects sighted, a handkerchief stood out, it was imitated to this detail (Unaware of its function) by sticking out from a slit of the alleged suit a wrinkled leaf of GIIXAA YUXAA (synthetic food product that is presented in the form of a thin sheet).

Now we are horrified only at the thought of the effect our brothers would have had by wandering in the middle of a central street in Digna. Well, no observer terrestrial would have confused the stretch fabrics that serve for the making of common costumes with that rude imitation. But the rigorous judgment of our brothers avoided this danger. It was just about going out for hours at night or at most in the afternoon.

However, on April 2, 1950, proving that there seemed to have not been alarmed by our presence, and still admitting the plausible hypothesis that the terrestrials informed of our presence, were watching us by stealth, it was decided to leave in broad daylight, provided with the makeshift costumes in the terrestrial style. Our two brothers had this time with him in addition to the registration and defense equipment, a copy of the message written by means of ideographic symbols of easy interpretation and a fragment of the newspaper LE FIGARO found days before scattered on the ground and impregnated with excrement. It was decided to go in search of the terrestrial child who usually accompanied the mammals seen days before. The UGEE (child), upon seeing them, waved hands without our brothers knowing whether it was a hostile gesture, greeting or alarm, and they chose to stand by waiting for the teenager's reaction. He came up to appear to be fearless and must have asked them something.

This time he seemed more surprised to see the strange clothes, than the previous date, even though it was imitation of the terrestrial ones. It is curious to note that the UGEE recognized them, despite the difference in attire. The UGEE pulled out a strange container (it was a thermos) and offered them its contents after having unrolled another package of food. He began a lively sign talk.

One of our brothers, even knowing the risk of food having their proteins oriented in another sense (you know that protein molecules can be dextrogeres and lifts) dared to accept the food so as not to arouse any more suspicion, warning his brother to refuse. This was the first time that one of our brothers ingested terrestrial food, which turned out not to be harmful (this detail that you may find trivial, is of transcendental importance) because the hypothesis that establishes the same molecular orientation for all living beings of WAAM (COSMOS) against one of the postulates of the already decaying hypothesis of parity in orientation continued to be confirmed , according to which the probability of organic molecular pillars oriented in the dextrogeres direction emerge on a planet is statistically the same as the lavatory.

The terrestrial child did not seem too strange by the language of our brethren, so much so that they judged astonished that the teenager did not be surprised that those beings came from another planet. In a word: While the pastor took our expeditionary brethren by mere foreigners, they were convinced that the boy had guessed his extraterrestrial identity.

One of our brothers began the immediate task of pointing out various objects so that the UGEE could translate the meaning into its language. The little one immediately understood what was desired of him, and very proud to act as a teacher was interpreting in French language a rich range of simple objects and verbs. Our brothers removed the fragment of the Newspaper in the French language and the child although with some difficulty he read entire paragraphs. You cannot figure out the inner uproar of our brothers. The boy's gestures and words were recorded optically and phonically, without him noticing.

Our brothers in the Underground Gallery faithfully followed the incidents through a gravitational wave transmitter team. You yourself can realize the transcendence that was in our vested interest, not only knowing the meaning of some phonemes in the terrestrial language (in this case French), but knowing the phonic interpretation of the symbols or letters printed in a document, although we were still unaware of their genuine meaning.

In that day 119 voices corresponding to objects visible in the countryside, parts of the human body, and verbs representative of some topical actions such as "TAKE", "EAT", "TO DRINK", "GO UP", etc. in their infinitives, were revealed to us by that terrestrial UGEE. On April 24, 1950, he pointed to a historic date, for the first expeditionary group of UMMO. By then we had a very rudimentary outline of the Social Structure of the mysterious Planet Earth.

We had reconnected with the UGEE (FRENCH CHILD) which although it possessed an elementary culture clarified to our brothers and sisters the meaning of certain key words, which shed sufficient light on such important aspects as the Existence of Autonomous Nations, the meaning of money and certain customs of the terrestrials.

On April 24, 1950, it was planned to penetrate a house that was seen at two KOAEs from the base point. Surprising their inhabitants and without harming them make a series of abductions that in the future would be compensated (as it was in 1952). This was the first of four acts of transgression against property that they committed in the French Department of Basses Alpes and eighteen other communities in the rest of France and the Helvetic Republic. In none of them the victims suffered injuries, and within a few months all were compensated. As soon as they were able to obtain money without taking it, and to falsify the necessary identification documentation, and to know the characteristics of some weapons, it was decided to cancel such acts that for us were justified.

On the night of April 24, four of our brothers entered a secluded building in the countryside. Previously, the location of human bodies had been recorded through our UULEWUA (Detector spheres that move to any height) At three in the morning, on the 25th, the operators who slept in a room, and a married couple who owned the home , with their three children, were anesthetized in full sleep. Things that were subtracted: approximately seventy thousand francs, clothes, identification documents, (which served to falsify other similar ones), two pens, a hygrometer representing a nun, some keys, postage stamps, a package of invoices and paid letters corresponding to a tractor, several overdue newspapers.

Books specialized in raising cattle, a text explaining the characteristics of a combine, and another guide to a tractor. A children's encyclopedia, a roll of toilet paper, a small pest fumigator, an alarm clock, two incandescent lamps (you call them “bulbs” in Spain), a bar of soap. An electric switch key was started, and the energy meter, as well as various accessories for the tractor, some medicine tubes in the form of drapes, a purse with schoolwork, six pairs of men's shoes and two pairs of women (all they had) dismantled the Radio receiver, a bottle with lemon juice, two potatoes, a wall calendar, some pruning shears and a lamp.

Part of the set of objects, he was camouflaged about four hundred meters to pick it up the next night and the rest were moved to the underground base. For eight earthly days our brothers went without going out analyzing those strange utensils, trying to translate the printed texts and the images obtained from inside the quarters. That was all fascinating.

Our brothers had toured those strange whitewashed rooms, examining the furniture made with a substance that they soon could not identify as of plant origin. With artificial light oriented so that through the windows nothing abnormal could be observed, UURIO 79 son of IYIA 5, UORII 19 daughter of OBAA 7 and ADAA 66 son of ADAA 65 (Died on Earth in 1957) were that night examining for the first time in history a terrestrial dwelling. Outside controlled the operation: ODDIOA 1 son of ISAAO 132.

Two terrestrials slept in a bed under the effects of anesthesiology gas. Our brothers were unable to identify sex well at first, although they already knew that on Earth the YIE let the hair grow. The canvases were removed after cutting a small fragment of them. Both bodies were partially stripped naked, collecting sweat from the armpits and underbelly, and were also collected samples of hair, head, arms, pubis and legs.

Samples of nasal mucus, eyelashes and vulvar discharge. Apart from the stolen objects, a multitude of furniture utensils, pavements and walls were drilled, to obtain quantified samples that were encoded according to the images (kind of three-dimensional photographs) obtained from them. They also had time to extract samples from cows parked in a nearby structure. Two dogs had to be anesthetized that began to launch large "screams" (That is the most correct translation of the notes recorded that date.

We understand that the serious extortion caused to that peaceful French family can provoke in you an attitude of severe reproach, even though they were subsequently secretly compensated. Our brothers were also concerned about the immediate consequences of the action. Everyone was barred from leaving, and from afar the surrounding field of vision was observed, all measures of probable defense being taken. But despite the turmoil observed on the farm and the comings and goings from the small town, nothing abnormal happened from some terrestrials. And even that same night he was able to recover some of the stash hidden in the vicinity.


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