Archeoplanetography(APG): 101

by Su Walker

APG 101: Lesson 1

APG 101 - Lesson 2: Labeling & Recording Outlined Images

Archeoplanetography: Quick Illustrated Examples

APG: Illustrated Examples in Europe, Asia and Earth's Oceans

Earth APG 3: Focus on South America

APG 4 The Sasquatch of the Allegash River, Maine (USA)

APG 5 Sagadahoc County, Maine Sasquatch Territory

APG 7 Puma Punku

APG 6: Gobekli Tepe

APG 8 African Eyes

APG 9 Mt Shasta

APG 10 Global Sized Images

APG 11 Australia's Pilot

APG 12 Skinwalker Ranch

APG 13 Skinwalker Ranch Close Up

APG 14 Eyeing France

APG 15 Europe

APG 16 Hokkaido, Japan

APG 17 Shalako Zuni, NM


APG 18 China

APG 19 Russia

APG 21 Bremerton, WA

APG 22 AZ:NM Desert Rider

APG 23 Bosnian Pyramid

APG 25 Colorado Bigfoot

APG 26 Bayan Nur Man Inner Mongolia, China Asia

APG 27 Ngari Tibet, Mapam Yumco Lake Details

APG 28 North America Faces

APG 29 - 3 Figures in the Americas

Central USA: The P'nti & The Sasquatch

APG 30 Kentucky's Big Cat

APG 31 Google Mars Maiden


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