Clair Abilities
by:Divine Fractal

Clair is a word describing types of clear sensitivity corresponding to our physical and intuitive senses. Clair begins words that name our intuitive abilities.

Humans have amazing capabilities. Many believe that all humans have the ability to unlock and develop clair skills. With practice, anyone can learn how to tap in and strengthen their intuitive and psychic abilities.

Here is a list of clair abilities. Some sites use different names for the same abilities. There maybe additional clair abilities not listed here too.

Claircognizance – Intuitive knowledge

Clairvoyance – Intuitive vision

Clairaudience – Intutitive hearing

Clairsentience – Intuitive knowledge by feeling

Clairsalience – Intuitive smelling

Clairtagency – Intuitive knowing by touch

Clairtraction – Intuitive touch

Clairgustance – Intuitive taste

Clairempathy – Intuitive feeling of emotion

Claireloquence – Intuitive communicating

Clairessence – Intutive embodiment

Read more about the above clair abilites here:

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