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The word “telepathy” comes from the Greek word, “tele,” meaning “over a distance,” and “pathos” or “patheia” meaning “feeling, experience,” so telepathy means the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, or emotions at a distance.

A simple way to understand this possibility is if you have ever known who was calling you on the phone before you picked it up. Often people
have also reported knowing that a loved one was in an accident before being notified.

Telepathy is an extension of our natural intuitive abilities. This can be understood when you consider that humans have a natural electromagnetic field that extends many feet out from our bodies.


Why should you learn telepathy?

The P’ti tell us that many Star Nations use telepathy as their primary means of communication. This seems to also be a natural conclusion of many scientists too when they speculate about how extra terrestrials may communicate.

While we are born with this ability, we need to practice to become proficient, and in the beginning it may make you tired quickly.

How can you enhance your telepathic abilities?


T’ni, one of the P’nti wrote a FREE, concise book, The Telepathy Primer (or Telepathy Manual,) with Su Walker and the Reverend White Otter. You can find The Telepathy Primer translated in many languages here:

A FREE video presentation can be found here:


The P’nti suggest dedicating about 30 mins a day of practice for 100 days (about 3 months.) Many people have reported making contact well before 100 days though. Emotional honesty is a requirement. You may need to do some inner work to improve your telepathy success. There are some apps that may help you get the feel of when you are in the right brain state for telepathic communication.

Look for something like the Zenner cards. Practicing with a real person is the best way to get feedback. If you can’t find a practice partner in person, you might try finding a practice partner on Twitter @SandiaWisdom

Further Reading and Research

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Historical Information

The word “telepathy” was coined by Frederic Myers, in 1882. Myers is credited with a major contribution to the theoretical understanding of anomalous mental experiences, like telepathy, automatic writing, and the trance state of mediums.

Like many others, the biggest opposition he encountered came from the medical community and the newly emerging community of clinical psychology. Myers believed, “much anomalous mental phenomena to be normal aspects of human consciousness.”

You can read more about Frederic Myers life, work, and contributions here:

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