#SymbolUmmo WordDefinition
1ENNOIProtuberance, Turret or Cupula Located in the Upper Hemisphere of the UEWA (Membrane is Transparent)
2ENNAEOICentral Body of Ships Structure
3DUIIEquatorial Ring or Crown Surrounding UEWA
4AAXOO XAIUU AYIIToroid Magnetic Field Generator
5NUUYAAToroidal Deposits of Oxygenated Water and Molten Lithium
6IDUUWIIOPropulsion Equipment on UEWA
7AEIIMMEnergy Generator, Transforms Liquid Lithium and Bismuth into Energy, then into Plasma
8IBOZOOAIDAACentral body of the Superstructure of UEWA
9XANMOOOuter Calculators on UEWA
11TAXEEGelatinous Mass
12AAYIYAA OAYUUInterior Floating Cabin
13YAAXAIIUVery High Frequency Magnetic Field Chamber
14NUUGI IADUUMagnetic Gelatinous Cylinder
15IMMAAEntrance Hatch
16YAA OOXEEMercury Deposit
17XOODI UOAACompartment Containing Landing Gear
18XOODINAAThe Structural Cladding of the UEWA
19YUUXIIOToroidal Equipment for UEWA to Control the Internal Gaseous in the Environment Chamber
20UAXOO AAXOOCenter for Broadcasting and Avoidance of Detection
21ENNOI AGIOAConnecting Lower Shell on UEWA
22ADOUAXOONegative ION Inducer
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