Viviane Chauvet
Viviane Chauvet

Representing the advanced and enlightened Arcturian star civilization, Viviane Chauvet’s emanation came to the planet as a biological Arcturian hybrid. She is in constant telepathic communication with her team of light, and serves as an ambassador between higher spheres of realities and the earth plane.

Her inspirational hybrid life story has touched the heart and soul of thousands of people worldwide. Today, Viviane has a spiritual and healing practice dedicated to assist you deeply heal body, mind and spirit, set you free from the indoctrination from other star civilizations, restore past timelines, access past lives, release stored programs and old belief systems, reintegrate soul fragments, and empower you to re-ascend to your Infinite Divine Expression. We are here to awaken you to your True Self & Origins!

My Galactic Family and I are conduits of Light Consciousness who create profound paradigm shifts at a planetary and collective level to move from fragmented energies of duality to oneness. Part of our mission is to help human beings in reestablishing their true heart-centered power, thus integrating soul fragments and accessing higher mental faculties.

Let’s prepare for vibrational ascension into the realms of light. Claim your sovereignty and regain your soul knowledge.

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