UMMO Last Message 2016-2019
UMMO Last Message 2016-2019
UMMO is a planet in our galaxy located 14.6 light years from Earth. Several generations of Ummitas have lived among us since their first expeditions in the 50s of the last century. Although similar in appearance to ours, their discretion has kept them hidden from our eyes all this time. With this they have fulfilled one of their objectives, not to interfere for the moment in the lives of humans; their other great goal, to spread their social and scientific reality to earthlings, have also culminated it with remarkable success. This is attested to in this book, which collects the most relevant messages that have been transmitted to humans in the last 70 years. With special emphasis on his most recent messages, since 2016, where Twitter has been the communication tool mainly used. Until they reach the final message, their "last message", from May 2019, by which they announce that they are leaving earth. Here are the reports of these galactic expeditionaries so skillfully camouflaged among us, exposed without the intention of imposition, with total humility, waiting for humans to understand for ourselves the need to evolve to the third stage of cosmological civilization. In addition to the Ummitas reports, this book publishes several analyses of collaborators, experts in different fields of science, and a multitude of questions and statements of people who have communicated with UMMO visitors. Don't look for them now, they're gone. They inform us that the first part of their mission has now been completed. But they will come back. By 2047. And they predict that, by then, we will be ready for their contact with us to be full, open, without concealment. Gema Lozano and Jeff Demmers collaborated with the Ummo to bring this important information to light for future generations to use and study.
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