Inviting ET
Inviting ET
What’s the Official Protocol for CE5 Events? The first rule about planning a close encounter of the fifth kind (CE5) event is that there are no set rules, just guidelines from our own personal experience as to what has been tried and worked for us. No private official Earth protocol for extraterrestrial (ET) contact currently exists. We do have quite a few details regarding telepathic contact that have been given to us by a Star Nation from Zeta Reticuli II, the P’nti. You will read some of what they have taught us, in their own words, scattered throughout this book.
While our website is family-friendly, we encourage parental supervision (and interaction!). We are here to share information. We are not doctors. We do not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. By interacting with this website, you understand that your interactions with Star Nation beings, whether physical, in dreams or any other state of consciousness may cause an unpredictable personal reaction in mental and/or physical states.
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