TIVP Discord-coming soon!

Connect with other experiencers!

Connecting with others that have experienced events out of the “normal” range can help you understand your experiences and relieve the sense of isolation that is often felt.

Coming soon! The TIVP Discord. 

  • Discord is a service that specializes in text and audio communication between users in a chat channel.
  • Discord is free to use and has both a computer interface and a cell phone app.
  • Users may remain anonymous if they want because they choose any icon for their picture, whether a real picture of yourself, or any icon you like, and you may choose a user name.
  • We will have set days when we meet online to chat live in the audio room and users can meet online anytime in the text rooms, to text with each other, share links, and share photos or videos.

Discord Guidelines and Rules

  • Please be courteous to each other. Bullying, gas lighting, and other forms of abuse will not be tolerated to protect our experiencers.
  • Please be aware that the ages of users may vary from day to day and sometimes there may be children (supervised by their parents or guardians) online.
  • Please post research links only in the research text room, save commenting for the text chat room. This makes it easier to reference those links for others later.
  • Users may share information to refer others to health and healing resources, but TIVP does not endorse any particular practitioners. Please do your own research always and consult a qualified practitioner. We do not diagnose or treat any illness, only provide information for education and research.
  • TIVP will update these guidelines and rules if needed at any time.


While our website is family-friendly, we encourage parental supervision (and interaction!). We are here to share information. We are not doctors. We do not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. By interacting with this website, you understand that your interactions with Star Nation beings, whether physical, in dreams or any other state of consciousness may cause an unpredictable personal reaction in mental and/or physical states.

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