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Sabrina Campbell

Sabrina Campbell is a wife, mother, pet parent and thriver of life. She has been on a journey to discover all the gifts that she possibly can in this lifetime and the next. The abilities that reside in the power that Sabrina holds are Psychic (talk to your higher self and guides), Mediumship (talk to […]


The word “telepathy” comes from the Greek word, “tele,” meaning “over a distance,” and “pathos” or “patheia” meaning “feeling, experience,” so telepathy means the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, or emotions at a distance.   “Humans have a natural ability to use telepathy.” A simple way to understand this possibility is if you have ever […]

“Super Powers!”

Can humans really have super powers? In fact, there are many documented cases showing that this is indeed possible! For example, humans have been documented to have echolocation, super strength, synesthesia, chromesthesia, and magnetism. Read and learn more about some real people with “super powers” in the following links. TIVP does not necessarily endorse these […]

Clair Abilities

Clair is a word describing types of clear sensitivity corresponding to our physical and intuitive senses. Clair begins words that name our intuitive abilities. Humans have amazing capabilities. Many believe that all humans have the ability to unlock and develop clair skills. With practice, anyone can learn how to tap in and strengthen their intuitive and […]


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