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Brett Redden

Brett Redden

Brett has fostered an interest in the UFO and ET field for most of his life. At an early age his interest was piqued through the show “Unsolved Mysteries”. With a career as a writer, producer, and streaming producer he has been fortunate to follow his career interests that have now led him to “The Infinite Voice Project”.

He has over 6 years interviewing people and more than 10 years of producing and editing video. Having started a podcast aimed at reading the FBI files that contained references and evidence for an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, Brett wanted to make accessibility to the documents easier and be able to give his two centavos on the information. Here’s a little in his own words words about his journey.

In addition to contact with ET, Brett has an interest in painting, illustration, dressing up in medieval costumes, and travel.


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